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Saturday, April 04, 2015


Peeking at a Short Lunar Eclipse Through the Cloud.

Moon at 20:35 ACDST, as seen from Largs North, Adelaide. A faint penumbral darkening can be seen at the left.20:41 ACDST, the clouds are moving in.
21:46 A break in the clouds reveals a substantially eclipsed Moon21:47, a different exposure to reveal clouds and earthglow.
21:59 The shadow advances22:23 A faint post eclipse Moon seen through the clouds.

All afternoon the sky was a brilliant blue, the warm sunshine moderated by a chilly breeze. Shortly after sunset a pack of clouds moved over, but the moved on and I set up my 4" Newtonian ready for the night.

I got a test shot of the the penumbral part of the eclipse before the main partial phase started under clear skies.

And then the cloud rolled in.

I didn't give up but waited patiently for the clouds to clear. It didn't. There were  gaps in the cloud, which seemed to conscientiously avoid the Moon, and I got a couple of shots off. I had a fleeting glimpse of totality (too quick to image) and then the gaps disappeared. Around 22:30 I gave up.

One thing I can say is that Fred Espenak's prediction of 5 minutes totality looked to be correct, from the brief flashes I saw.

As I write NOW there are larger gaps, and I can see the shadow slipping off the Moon, but I have stowed the telescope and camera away, I'm about to hit bed so I can be up early for the Kids Easter egg hunt.

Well, that's the last total eclipse from Australia until January 2018. Even though plagued by clouds, I'm glad I got to see it. 

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Nice- we had incessant clouds and rain here on the Pacific !
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