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Saturday, April 04, 2015


Live Webcasts of Tonights Lunar Eclipse (4 April, 2015)

Simulation in Stellarium of the partially Eclipsed Moon as seen from Adelaide on  4 April at 10:00 pm ACDST. Totality is not far off.

Click to embiggen. If you are clouded out of tonights  lunar eclipse, there are some live webcasts for you to watch.

Slooh will be doing a live webcast .

So will the Virtual Telescope.

As well as NASA.

All these start around 10 UT, which is 9 pm AEDST (8 pm AEST), 8:30 pm ACDST (7:30 ACST) and 6:00 pm AWST.

 Don't forget to pop out even if it is clouds to catch breaks in the cloud, or the Moon under thing cloud will look good too.

Full details (Viewing charts, local times of eclipse start, totality start and end, Moonrise and twilight etc.) for observing the eclipse are here, and hints on photographing the eclipse here

Cloud cover predictions can be found at SkippySky

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