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Thursday, April 02, 2015


Don't Forget - Easter Total Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015

Simulation in Stellarium of the partially Eclipsed Moon as seen from Adelaide on  4 April at 10:00 pm ACDST. Totality is not far off. Click to embiggen.

There is a total lunar eclipse during the Full Moon on Easter Saturday, April 4. The partial phase of the eclipse begins at 9:15 pm AEDST (8:45 pm ACDST and 6:15 pm AWST) with totality around one and three quarter hours later.

Full details (Viewing charts, local times of eclipse start, totality start and end, Moonrise and twilight etc.) for observing the eclipse are here, and hints on photographing the eclipse here

This is one of the shortest total eclipses for a century, with totality being either 12 minutes in duration or 5 minutes, depending on the shape model for the Earth's shadow and accounting for differences in how the edge of the shadow is defined.  It is also the last total eclipse seen from Australia until 2018. 

Cloud cover predictions can be found at SkippySky.

Even it is cloudy, you may still see the eclipse through thin cloud or a gap in the cloud. So go have a look! It will be your last chance until January 2018.

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