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Thursday, September 26, 2013


The ISS Shoots Past Venus and the Scorpion (26 September, 2013)

The International Space Station passes over Venus and belwo the head of the Scorpion. 8 images stacked and SUMMED in ImageJ. Canon IXUS 400 ASA 5 second exposure. Click to embiggenImages cropped and animated using ImageJ (click to embiggen)

So I got to see the ISS pass I wrote about earlier. I was beautiful, with the brightening ISS gliding above Venus and disappearing into Earth's shadow. The Cygnus cargo craft was supposed to be visible too, but neither I noire JupiterisBig managed to see it. Still, very nice show.

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I watched the pass last night. The ISS, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Spica all were clear in the west as the Space Station and its six occupants rushed overhead.
I couldn't see the Cygnus capsule. At one stage I did perceive some flashes in the track behind the ISS. I wonder if that was it.
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