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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Bright Pass of ISS above Venus Tonight! (September 26)

There is a series of bright passes of the International Space Station occurring now.  Tonight the ISS will pass above Venus in the early evening as seen from many parts of Australia.

For exact predictions for your location see Heavens Above. http://www.heavens-above.com/

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Well did I beat earthenmagic to first comment ?

I stopped pedalling home and watched the ISS go past Crux from Lake Macquarie. Heavens Above said Molniya and Cygnus should be visible but I didn't see them. I did see something going another direction.
I tried last night too for Cygnus and didn't see it.
Oh we'll it was still a sky magic show with all those planets and the ISS. I'll try for Cygnus again tomorrow night when the sky will be darker - 1930 and clearer air from the south...
Yes, you beat him.

I couldn't see Cygnus either, even though it should have been readily visible at magnitude 2. My next shot at Cygnus will be in a couple of days time.
I looked closer at Molniya - it launched at 2058 GMT with a four orbit, six hour transfer, so it docked around 0300 GMT. That puts the docking about 1300 EST so Heavens Above shouldn't have shown it as visible at 1930 ...
I'll have another try for Cygnus tonight
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