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Monday, September 23, 2013


Venus, Saturn, SPica and Mercury, 22 September 2013

Venus, Saturn, Spica and Mercury imaged on 22 September at 6:55 pm ACST using my Canon IXUS, 400 ASA 1 second exposure. Mercury is the dot just above the second lowest branch, Spica is just above Mercury. Venus is the obvious brightest object in the field and Saturn is below and to the right of Venus. Click to embiggen.Closer up view of Venus, Saturn, Spica and Mercury imaged on 22 September using my Canon IXUS, 400 ASA 1.6 second exposure 2 x zoom. In the embiggened version it is easier to see alpha2 Librae, which Venus is heading towards. The bright line at the bottom is me  with a torch trying to illuminate the tree for artistic effect.. Click to embiggen.

Beautiful clear evening, finally got to see the planets in the evening twilight. The photographs do not do justice to the colours. Mercury is very easy to see now, and will be close to Spcia soon.

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I forgot to look for Mercury last night while kayaking at home, but I just absconded from work and went out and checked the planets out.
I also saw the ISS, but Cygnus is washed out here in the wasted light of the city, but we (a colleague came out and got an impromptu lesson) also saw a Cosmos pass over.
As always, thanks Ian for your pointers.
Mercury was looking pretty awesome tonight, also saw a great ISS pass, but didn't see the cargo ship.
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