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Monday, November 12, 2012


Only Two Sleeps Until the Solar Eclipse of 14 November.

Eclipse sequence as seen from Adelaide, 6:50-8:10 am ACDST

Only two more sleeps to go to go until the Solar Eclipse on Wednesday 14 November 2012.

I fly out tomorrow morning at Dark O'clock to go to Cairns,  currently the weather forecast is mostly sunny in the morning, so I hope to see a fiar bit of the eclipse.

For those of you outside totality, watching the eclise is still worth it, as mots paces see a fair chunk of the Sun covered (warning, outside of totality, do not look at the sun directly). During Maximum eclipse look for eclipse shadows in the leaves.

There is still plenty of time to organise safe solar projection devices. If you want to buy eclipse glasses or solar filter material then you will have missed the boat, unless your local telescope or optical store has not sold out.

I have a reasonably comprehensive web page for eclipse viewing, as well I have a handy, printable PDF page that lists a whole bunch of eclipse times  which you can carry around with you. It also has a bunch of things for kids to do. Do take the time to watch the eclipse, even if you are projection it with a pinhole in card, it will be years before you see an eclipse this deep in Australia.

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