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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Images from the November 14, 2012 Total Eclipse (part 2)

As well as my Olympus camera with the solar filter (images here, story here), I had my binoculars set up for projection to monitor the eclipse. This has the advantage that the image of the Sun is larger, and a number of people can watch it (which they did).

On the down side the wind and occasional patches of rain messed up my mounting, so the projection was sometimes a little wonky. But I was still able to catch parts of the eclipse that I missed due to the Olympus deciding that focussing was for other cameras.

On the day, you could see the Sunspots quite clearly, but focusing the Canon IXUS on the projected image was difficult. Still, I have a nice progression of images to complement my images taken with the solar filter.

My binocular projection setup (with my special iTelescope astronomy hat).Crescent Shadows of leaves on the wall near my set-up. Click on the image to embigggen
The cresent begins to come back (I was too busy snapping shots with the Olympus to do the early exit with the projection system)The crescent gets fatter (the image is inverted compared to the shots taken with the Olympus)
More cresecentMore
The moon is almost off the Sun (look closely and you can see some blurry sunspots)And it's almost farewell to the Moon.

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Out the back of my house in the north east of Adelaide, Coronado PST https://www.flickr.com/photos/mickyj_photos/14059314812/in/album-72157621510106713/
this is a video of the Eclipse (A small bit of it)
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