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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Eclipse Diary, Apres Eclipse

Well, totality was clouded out, but the sky went errily dark, and the patch of sun on the sea went out.

Afterwards, the cloud went away just as the sun appeared from behind the Moon.


Ian, I'm sorry you didn't see totality. We were luckier, the clouds moved in between third and fourth contact! I was next to a guy doing a live feed to Sydney Observatory. He had some good gear and could see a prominence or two.
Hi Ian, Darn those clouds! Perfectly fine back here in Adelaide - I did a montage of our partial eclipse and Universe Today posted it if you want to see what you missed here. ;)
Partial here; the good old pinhole worked fine and the shadows were amazing.
Evil clouds moved in just before the 1st diamond ring, parted for totality, moved in again before 2nd diamond ring....from Port Douglas!
Congratulations to everyone who got a good view of the eclipse, my Internet is about to run out, so I'll have to comment in another day or so.

Cheers! Ian
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