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Monday, June 04, 2012


The Track of the Sun (Solargraphy finis)

Remember  the Solargraphy project? This  multi-month solar photography project organised by the Royal Institution (Australia) using home-made pinhole cameras has finally come to an end.

My Kayaking mate and I have taken our cameras down (see debris above), scanned the images and sent them in. The right hand image is my attempt to process the raw image. The bright white lines are the sun passing through the sky over two months, the gaps are caused by clouds. You can also see the neighbours roofs, trees on the horizon and telegraph poles (plus dots that are probably due to rain getting in).

As I noted, I tried to set the camera to get the best horizon shot, but I ended up aiming the camrea too low, and the bottom half of the image (cropped away) was jts darkness.

Still what I got was pretty good, and you can clearly see e movement of the sun over the weeks.

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I'll use a different name so you don't think I'm really pedantic, but those are power poles, aren't they ?
I might try this with my kids.
Eldest son got picked on a bit because he took a box to school - I mad a pinhole camera so you could look from inside and see the transit projection and the teachers wouldn't let him out to use it even when the rain wasn't falling. He did get a merit award for his explanation though.
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