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Saturday, June 02, 2012


Partial Lunar Eclipse Monday June 4, 2012

The partly eclipsed Moon as seen at 9:00 pm ACST from Adelaide on Monday June 4 (click to embiggen).  

On the evening of Monday June 4 there will be a partial eclipse of the Moon. Slightly less than 40% of the Moon is covered by earth's shadow. None the less it will look quite good and occurs at family friendly hours in the early evening.

New Zealanders have to stay up later to see the eclipse. 

See here for a map and contact timings in UT for sites outside Australia.

The following table shows the time of first contact with the umbra (the inner part of Earth's shadow) mid eclipse, and last contact. Local lunar mid-eclipse times will be the same for all east coast locations (9:03 pm) , central locations (8:33 pm), and western locations (7:03 pm). 

City Enters Umbra Mid Eclipse Leaves Umbra
Auckland 21:59 pm 23:03 pm 00:06 am
Christchurch 21:59 pm 23:03 pm 00:06 am
Adelaide (ACST) 7:29 pm 8:33 pm 9:37 pm
Darwin (ACST) 7:29 pm 8:33 pm 9:37 pm
Brisbane (AEST) 7:59 pm 9:03 pm 10:07 pm
Sydney (AEST) 7:59 pm 9:03 pm 10:07 pm
Melbourne (AEST) 7:59 pm 9:03 pm 10:07 pm
Hobart (AEST) 7:59 pm 9:03 pm 10:07 pm
Perth (AWST) 5:59 pm 7:03 pm 8:07 pm

Cloud cover predictions can be found at SkippySky.

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It seems Mr Donnie Gillson believes you're an american TV series character :)
See 7:30 into www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUxTsE1GHXY
I just saw it now in sydney so amasing espesialy on my brothers birthday :D
here's a fun article on how to photograph the eclipse! http://www.nikonusa.com/Learn-And-Explore/Photography-Techniques/h1sctsrv/1/How-to-Photograph-a-Lunar-Eclipse.html
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