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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Lights! Drama! Action! (and RW Taurii)

I realised after posting the RW Taurii light curve, that I should have posted the animation as well. Well, here it is. There is a lot of action and drama in that field. RW Taurii blinks on and off, 17P Holmes slides past the California Nebula (I posted an animation of an earlier section of this event before), 29 Amphrite trundles along, 46 Wiratanen zips past and Ceres proceeds majestically along the bottom. There is even an unknown object (probably an artefact, but my last "artefact" turned out to be 46 Wiratanen).

Anyway, the Google Video is below, you can use the image to the right to help identify things (click to enlarge), but it is pretty cheesy. You can download a 1.4 Mb Avi, a 4.5 Mb Avi or a 3.5 Mb gif file which will have more detail. It is better to run the AVI's on a loop a 2x magnification to really get a good handle on the various blobs.

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Gidday Ian, the last unknow seems to me to be a processing artifact. it slides horizontally. This is the result of a min subtraction using a small number of frames to generate the min frame. Also, when the back ground is bright, ie milkyway, the subtraction process leaves similar effects across the whole FOV. Try a 360 frame sequence, and create a Zproj-min from that. A 2Gb pc can load that many frames in imagej. rgds Alan
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