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Friday, June 04, 2010


Something Goes Crash on Jupiter AGAIN!

Anthony Wesley does it again! This is a still image of his 45 Mb video at the link above showing the flash from an impact on Jupiter. Christopher Go, another superstar of Jupiter observation has a fantastic video of the same event.

Back on 19 July last year Anthony Westley observed a dark spot on Jupiter that was probably the result of an impact. Ironically, today the Bad Astronomer was reporting on a paper that suggests the July 2009 impactor was an asteroid.

Just after I read the BA's article the intertubes exploded with news of Wesley's find and Go's confirmation. There is notification at Ice In Space, and a good discussion thread there. Amateur astronomers world wide will be hanging out to see if they can pick up dark patches as seen with Wesley's first discovery and the Shoemaker-Levy impact.

The Bad Astronomer follows up with more information, and there is lots of action at the planetary society blog too. Aussies keep an eye on the Ice in Space Forum and get your 'scopes out!

Unfortunately for Australians, the impact site returns to Jupiter's Earth facing side during our daytime (2:30-7:30 UT).

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