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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


ISS Crosses Suns Disk Adelaide 26 November 2015

Path of the International Space Station as it crosses the Sun's disk as seen from Adelaide on November 26 at around 10:41 am.

The ISS will cross the Sun's disk as seen from a very narrow path as it crosses over Adelaide.

This is much more difficult than a Moon crossing, as this is telescope only, and you have to use special solar filters and use EXTEREME CAUTION not to damage your eyes.

Do NOT attempt this AT ALL unless you are a VERY experienced solar astrophotographer.

However, the path of the ISS is still evolving, and the centre line may change further before Thursday. Use your exact location (or choose a location close to the centre line as defined above) in either CalSky or Heavens Above (both have drag and drop maps if you don't know your exact longitude, but it may take a while to navigate the layers)  to see if the pass occurs where you are, or if you have to hike a bit to see it.

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