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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


The 2012 Transit of Venus in Stellarium

Just in case you are clouded out, and no webcasts are working, here's a Stellarium script I made to show the transit of Venus as seen from Adelaide. It's in the new script language (which I have been working to make a guide too), so it's a bit obscure. I haven't done anything fancy (like labels or such). If anyone want me (say for classroom use) to I can add labels later. I have set it to zoom in so far because otherwise you can't really see Venus.

Anyway, copy the following script to a file called venus_transit.ssc, put it in the scripts folder, then run it through the scripts tab in the configuration menu. Enjoy!

====================>8 cut here >8==================
// Name: Venus Transit
// License: Public Domain
// Author: Ian Musgrave
// Description: Simple script to demonstrate the transit of Venus from Adelaide.


// Turn off constellation lines and labels if on, flag planets.

// OK, move to the proper location and date for the Transit, time is UT
// you can change this to your location in decimal Long lat
// note stellarium does Long Lat not lat long like everyone else
// Select the Sun and track it
core.setObserverLocation(138.59863, -34.92866, 10, 0, "Adelaide, Australia");
core.selectObjectByName("Sun", false);

// Zoom in on the Sun
StelMovementMgr.zoomTo(0.6, 2);

// Speed up the action

// When Transit over set to normal speed and zoom out

StelMovementMgr.zoomTo(60, 2);

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