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Thursday, September 02, 2010


The Return of We can be Heros (just for one Day)

After a break of a year, due to family commitments, I am entering the City to Bay fun run. In 2008 I ran a whole 6 kilometres. This year, I'm going to walk 6 kilometers.

Uh, what? I ran last time and now I'm back to walking? Because EldestOne is joining me, and we will do the walk together. EldestOne has umm, issues with running, so we will walk.

As for 2008, I thought I would do some good as well as walking, so I've signed up to be an everyday hero. I'm raising money for the Brain Foundation, good folks who have funded my research and support community programmes and preventative work for brain disease and brain injury. I have personally seen the lives touched by these folks (no, not my research), so if you have a bit of spare cash please visit my fund raising website at Everyday Heros.

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