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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Southern Skywatch September 2010 edition is now up!

evening sky, 7:00 pm

The evening sky facing west in Melbourne on September 11 at 7:00 pm AEST showing Venus, Mars and Spica close together. (similar views will be seen from other cities at the equivalent local time eg 7:00 pm ACST Adelaide).

The September edition of Southern Skywatch is now up and the planetary action keeps on coming. Mercury is lost to sight, but with Venus and close to the Moon, and Venus and Mars near Spica, it will be a good time to watch the skies.

Jupiter is at opposition on the 21st of this month, now is a good time to break out the telescopes to observe this world and its Moons.

Jupiter is easily visible in the late evening sky and is within binocular range of Uranus (which is also at opposition a day later than Jupiter)


It is looking great.

As an aside,I'm in Karratha at the moment.
I had two grotty yotties, (who presumably have an interest in where the stars are) tell me about the August Mars fallacy.
They weren't impressed, when I showed them how it could not be true. Using a glass of wine and a couple of beer bottles - whatever happened to be on the table :-)

They weren't angry either, which is a plus to them.
Nice place to be, especially when explaining astronomy.

Good choice of visual aids too!
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