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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Attention Smiley Conjunction photographers! Did you image C/P 2003 K2?

Comet Al has noticed that comet C/P 2003 K2 (Christensen), which he just recovered in images from the STEREO spacecraft, was within 8 degrees of the "Smiley Fritz" Conjunction on December 1. As many people were photographing this event, there is a possibility that someone caught the comet while imaging the conjunction.

Neither my nor Comet Al's images went deep enough to get the comet, but some of you more dedicated astrophotographers may have got it. So could you please peruse your images of the Smiley Fritz conjunction and look for the comet?

The chart on the left shows the location of the comet at nautical twilight (9:20 pm ACST) on December 1. Astute readers will notice TWO comets. The one labeled 2003 K2 is the OLD position, the one labeled 2008 X4 is the same comet, but with orbital elements worked out from Comet Al's obsevations. Naturally, the comet image should be around where X4 is.

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