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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Science Week 16-24 August.

Science Week is almost upon us. National Science Week is a yearly, Australia wide event bringing sciencey goodness to our lives! Just click on the Map of the Index page to find events in your state. (In SA Science Week runs 13-24 August)

Typically, there are science Week related events before Science Week proper, like Science Alive!

I've missed most of these (especially the astronomy stuff) by being discombobulated with work (don't ask) and food poisoning (really don't ask), but the Bettdeckererschnappenderweisle remembered Science Alive! and pushed us out the door.
The boys responded enthusiastically (why do we have to go? Can't We stay home? I want to stay home!). But after the Magic Show, they warmed up to it (even though the outside was freezing). Soon they were controlling a robot, making slime and their own LED torch (left), plus solving 3D puzzles (above) and getting designer paper planes, so a good time was had by all in the end.

There's a lot more coming in Science Week, so go along, there will be something for you!


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