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Sunday, August 10, 2008


While the world turns

The weather has not been conducive to astronomy, or going for walks, or soccer or juts about anything. This was the hail from this morning, which was followed by a sunny patch, which was followed by driving rain which was followed by another sunny patch, which was followed by more rain which ws followed ....

You get the picture. It has driven the bettdeckererschnappepndreweisle insane trying to get the washing in and out during the breif sunny patches. MiddleOnes soccer match was abandoned in a flurry of hail. Even though I have re-soldered the scopes battery connections, and power is restrored, I don't think I will be doing any observing in th near future.

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Gee you amateur astronomers are a wussy lot. Go on! Get out there and observe!
I just finished observing .... cloud. Especially at night, observing cloud is an exercise in black on blackness that gets boring really quickly (except for the brief excitement generated by hail storms).
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