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Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The Planetary Dance Continues

The planetary lineup on Monday August 4. You will need to click on the image and enlarge it to get the full detail.

As I mentioned in my Jupiter post, Monday started with rain, progressed to heavy rain, then continued with rain ... but cleared up on my way home. So walking back from the train I was treated to Venus above a pristine horizon, all washed clean.

I didn't immediately rush out and photograph it, dinner was about to start as I walked in (one of the disadvantages of evening events is they clash with dinner, something you can't put off with young children), and I had to set the table.

But after dinner I jogged up the "hill" to the beach to get these shots just before Venus disappeared. Magnificent! A perfect complement to Saturdays lineup, with the thinnest crescent Moon I have even seen.

I had to jog back to get the dishes on, but I alerted my neighbour to the sight as he walked the new puppy.

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