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Monday, August 04, 2008


Not much luck with Jupiter

The sky was clear this evening, after pouring down rain most of the day, and leaving me soaked when going to give my lecture. But the evening twilight more than made up for the days dampness. Emboldened by the clear sky (you could see the Milky Way and the rifts in it), I set up my scope. Having let the scope cool down I set up the instrumentation, in the process ripping a wire from the battery pack of my time drive (yeah! soldering on the weekend!).

Still I could run the camera in unguided mode, so I lined up Jupiter, got the camera running....

And cloud came over, thick fluffy cloud. After fritzing around an shooting of a couple of cloud-benighted images (this one here shows Europa near Jupiter and Ganymede further out) I packed up. (sighs)

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