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Friday, July 25, 2008


Global Warming Resources

For people interested in learning the facts about Global Warming, then here a few resources that can help you.

To start with here's a link to a nice review that covers key elements of the field up to 2007.


Again, a good overview of climate change can be found at Steven Schneiders Climate Change pages

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (lots of articles and graphs)

Pew Center on Global Climate Change which is an independent research centre, try their climate change 101 articles.

EPA's Climate Change Web site, this is a comprehensive information resource.

Hadley Centre for Climate Change. This is the UK’s official centre for climate change research.

Global Climate Change Research Explorer.

For answers to denialist talking points, The Real Climate Index is a good starting point.

For discussion of the role of CO2 in climate change, see
and then
(especially the graphs)
as well as
and especially this

Happy reading!


All I ask of you, is to think!

Check the sources of your data and insure that it has not been altered.

"You can stick your fingers in your ears and sing "La La La I can't hear you", but the world has a way of ignoring that."

As and astronomer and a scientist for the last 35 years, I have learned a few lessons.

Anyone remember the "Club of Rome" report? Those scientist told us that each and every one of us would be dead by now.

Funny how that never happened.

Anyone remember "acid raid" and how that was going to destroy the Earth?

Funny how that never happened.

Anyone remember the "ozone hole" and how that would destroy all life on Earth?

Funny how that never happened.


Yes, these "global warming" theories must prove that they have the burden of proof!

This is so obvious to any scientist, that I am rather ashamed to even talk about it.

Oh, and the next time you talk about a planet with a CO2 atmosphere, lets discuss Mars.

Have you seen today's temperature reports from our robots currently on the surface of Mars?

My, why is Mars not very hot, with it's CO2 atmosphere?
Let me ask you a very simple question:

What is today's albedo of the Earth?

What sources did you use, and how accurate were their sensors?

How much change in Earth's global temperature would result with only a 1 percent change in the albedo?

CO2 is so trivial, compared to WATER VAPOR in the Earth's atmosphere, that it is hard for me to even understand the debate.

Almost 70 percent of the Earth is covered with water. The thermal inertia and properties of the oceans will regulate the global temperature.

I could not care less, one way or the other, about the subject of this debate.

I do demand that the raw data be obtained correctly, and any computer manipulations of that data be well documented.

Why is that so hard to understand or accept?

That is what has me so upset!
Take a camera and find out for yourself!

Is your local weather station in this database?


Mine was located only 5 km from my home, and I was rather upset about it's data quality.

This is what the GISS climatology database is using.

What station is located closest to your home, and is it reporting accuratly?

Take a camera and find out for yourself!

As a scientist, I demand quality raw data!
Just type the name of the city.

For instance, I entered "Olivia" to obtain the reports about my local GISS weather station.

I wish that this database was better, but until someone else creates something better, this is the best.

Do not simple debate, but get involved.

Help identify rhw good weather stations around the world, because that will become very important.

Take pictures of your local weather station and send them to:


As a fellow scientist, why is this not already understood?

Sometimes, it is like an astronomer who has only taken spectrums of Bete Lyra during the day.

The Hubble telescope came along, and this astronomer is very upset because the Hubble was not providing his expected result.
Here you go. An article from the New York Times dated February 20, 1969.

Did this happen?

Let me try to provide the full address for that New York Times report from February 20, 1969:


Did that happen?
Anonymous wrote: Here you go. An article from the New York Times dated February 20, 1969.

Newspaper articles are not authoritative scientific publications. Did you read the review I linked to? Try reading this article. And also this article on surface stations.
I tried to read your links from your last comment. The first one was to RealClimate, which is edited by people who work for GISS. The other link did not work.

As for the surfacestations.org and if it is being honest?

There is only one way to check:

Visit your local weather station, and compare your results with what was documented in that database. Was it accurate?

If your local station was not in the database, then YOU just helped to document that weather station.

Rather simple!
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