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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


We can be Heros (just for one Day)

Once again I am entering the City to Bay fun run. This year, ratcheting things up a notch, I'm going to run a whole 6 kilometres (Whoooo!!!).

Yeah, 6 kilometres. I used to run marathons 20 years ago, now 6 kilometres is a big deal. Still, besides having fun and getting marginally fitter, this year I thought I would do some good, so I've signed up to be an everyday hero. I'm raising money for the Brain Foundation, good folks who have funded my research and support community programmes and preventative work for brain disease and brain injury. I have personally seen the lives touched by these folks (no, not my research), so if you have a bit of spare cash please visit my fund raising website at Everyday Heros.

I promise to grimace comically as I stagger along in response to your generous donations (that's the comic grimacing, the staggering I can do on my own). We now return you to you astronomy programming.


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