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Monday, August 06, 2007


ISS, Mars, Moon and the Pleaides on Tuesday Morning

North eastern horizon as seen from Adelaide at 6:30 am CST Tuesday August 7 (click for Full size chart with ISS satellite timings).

People in Adelaide and Brisbane (well South Australia and SE QLD generally) get a bonus on Tuesday morning, not only do they get to see Mars, the Moon and the Pleiades close together, the get to see the ISS glide past them.

Adelaide people have the best view, with the -1.0 magnitude (about as bright as Sirius) ISS appearing to almost touch Mars (see above diagram). The ISS will become visible in the North around 6:31 am, then passes the Moon at around 6:33:30, then nearly touches Mars at 6:33:45, then passes through the heart of the Hyades at 6:34 then passes underneath Orion's belt. A pretty amazing sight, although it will not 5 minutes from civil twilight, the brighter stars will be easily visible.

For people in Brisbane, the ISS becomes visible at magnitude -1.0 roughly North at 5:27 am local time. It will pass under the Moon and Pleiades at around 5:29 local time, then passes the Hyades at 5:30 am, finally passing through Orion at 5:30:30.

Sydney observers will see the ISS skim above the horizon between 5:30 and 5:32.

To check for ISS visibility, timings and get sky maps at your exact location, see http://www.heavens-above.com/

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