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Sunday, August 05, 2007


Moon, Mars and Pleiades in the Morning.

The north eastern horizon at approximately 5:00 am local time, Tuesday 7 August (click to enlarge).

If you are getting up early on Tueday morning, why not get up a little earlier and view the delighful aparition of the crescent Moon, Mars and The star cluster the Pleiades close together. The Hyades cluster and the constellation Orion are not far way either, making the north easterh horizon rather attractive.

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Here in Maryborough, Qld, AU (25.533°S, 152.700°E) the ISS passed across the face of the moon at about 0530 this morning.
Quite unexpected so I didn't have the video camera set up to record it :>(
Hey, that's cool! At least you got to see it. I got to see the ISS go staight over Mars. I've got images to put up tonight, but they aren't so flash. The real live event was fantastic though!
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