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Thursday, August 23, 2007


...And Missing Venus

Mercury Passes Saturn in the SOHO C3 camera. Image Credit NASA/SOHO

A few days ago I wrote that Venus would enter the field of View of the SOHO C3 camera.

I was wrong.

It skidded just out of view along the bottom of the image. The only thing you can see is part of the diffraction spike due to Venus.

Still, Mercury and Saturn put on a nice show. You can see a nice video of them passing each other (2.5 Mb version here, 0.3 Mb version here).

Keep your eyes peeled, by the end of the Month Mercury will be easily visible in the western twilight at evening, and Venus will be visible in the morning twilight.

Speaking of Venus, Top of the Lawn has a post on observing Venus at conjunction with the Sun, and there is a beaut post at Spaceweather on the same thing, with a fantastic image of a very thin Venus crescent.

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