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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Yes, the Mars Hoax is still with us.

People are still getting the Mars Hoax email (See the Zombie Mars Hoax that would not die). No, Mars will not rival the Moon on August 27, see this nice NASA post for the full story. Drop in to the NASA Mars Rovers page for the latest news about the dust storms and the Rovers (things are getting better, or check out the International Mars watch images.

UPDATE: I wondered why I was persistently getting lots of hits on a readers photo of a double Moon mirage, it turns out it's people searching for the "double Moon" (Mars as big as the full Moon) of the Mars hoax. Feh!

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it is now 2.07.am 27th August and I have been watching the moon since 12.25.am.The orange glow beneath and around has gradually got larger so how can emails have been a hoax
Man, I knew I should have taken a photo of Mars this morning, but I was too tired after Open Day yesterday.

Whatever the Orange glow was, it wasn't Mars. The Moon was in the western sky at the time, and Mars did not rise in the east until around 1:40, at 2:07 it was barely above the horizon, and not visible for anybody without a really level horizon.

But the baisc point is, anything below the Moon could not have been Mars. Wrong side of the sky. From your descirption it could have been rising ground mist illuminated by sodium lights.
I didn't come here by searching for the Mars Hoax (never heard of it).

BUT a friend told me yesterday that if it wasn't *too* cloudy I could see an effect called a "double moon" or a corn moon that was extremely rare and that Native Americans used to signify the start of Fall. It looked like there would be two moons but it was just an illusion.

I would guess it would look similar to the double moon mirage photo you posted, just with a full moon. (?)

I've googled and googled, I found your blog and some mentions by some Wiccan sites that it's actually tonight. (I looked last night but didn't see anything unusual).
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