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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Weblog Awards Voting Enabled.

Voting has been enabled for the Weblog Awards (yes, I am only 48 hours behind, but humor me okay). The rules are strange, you are allowed to yote one every 24 hours until the voting period closes. Anyway, in the Best Science Blog catgeory, The Bad Astronomer and Pharyngula are duking it out for top position, leaving Panda's Thumb in the dust. BA and Pharyngula are engaing in an invertebrate vs vertebrate propaganda war to garner votes. Be that as it may, I encourage youto vote for your favoorite Science Blog, regardless of the nature of calcium disposition.

The Best Australian or NewZeland Blog currently has All Men Are Liars as leading blog by a long shot. Why, I don't know, unless it is due to it being part of a large, well known Newspaper. On the otherhand, global waming denier Andew Bolt's weblog is part of a large well known Newspaper as well, and he isn't doing anywhere near as well.

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