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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


A Good Day

The day started out with a committe meeting. Boring you say, but we got funding for scholarships for three honours students in the School. Yay! After the meeting, the chemists came over and installed the long awaited new filters in the fancy spectrophorometer, as I write there is a test run happening, and an new exciting experimental chapter is about to happen. Yay! Then I found out that the PhD student of my genetics collaborator has had a review published in a major journal. Yay!

That's what I call a good day!

Thinking about papers, I'm a middle ranking academic, working in an unfashionable area of science, wedged in between teaching and committe commitments, and whose generous funding from the Brain Foundation is small change to the Discovery Institute (or even any US funding source), and I still manage to produce more papers in a year that the ID crowd have in 10.

I wonder why that is?

Rather disappointingly, the Discovery Institute's podcast is currently doing quite well in the Natural Sciences section of iTunes. Considering that they aren't based in science it seems like the wrong place for them.
Dissapointing! It's downright shameful! The should be in the religious section, but as I discusssed with a theology student yesterday, its alos bad religion, and doesn't really belong there. DOes iTunes have a "Woo" section?
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