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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Aurora watch, Thursday 7 Dec.

The Sun just blasted off an X9.0 x-ray flare, This is a serious flare, and follows up a M1.4 flare earlier. The flare was probably pointed away from us (it hasn't shown up on the near realtime images yet (UPDATE! It came from Sunspot group 929 on the Suns edge, so it is not going anywhere near us)), so it is unlikely that we will get any activity from this, as big as it was, but it possible that more flares are coming our way.

Be that as it may, a coronal hole may begin to affect Earth's magnetic field within the next 24 hours. The IPS predicts the possibility of minor storms on Thursday 7 Dec. It may be possible that some dark-sky mid latitude sites will see periods of minor auroral activity in the late Thursday night or early Thursday morning.

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