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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Welcome Sunspot 930

Image Credit IPS Culgoora Observatory

Sunspot group 930 has rotated on the face of the Sun. It is big enough to see with safe solar observing technques.

It (not Sunspot 929 as I previously reported) unleashed an X and M class flare yesterday. It also unleased a M 1.4 and M 6.1 flare again today. Still not pointed our way yet, but if this keeps up we may have an aurora event in our near future. UPDATE: another flare, X 6.5 this time, lets keep fingers crossed for aurora.

The IPS still has a prediction of minor geomagnetic storms for the 7th. The Solar Wind Speed is hovering around minor storm levels at the moment. The just past full Moon will make observing things difficult, but Tasmanians and New Zealanders should have a look in the early morning or late evening.

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