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Saturday, December 09, 2006


A Solar Tsunami

Image Credit: NSO/Optical Solar Patrol Network telescope

When Sunspot 930 blasted off an X 6 flare recently, it set off a shockwave that washed across the Sun like a Tsunami. the OSPAN telescope caught it, and the NSO site there is a nice series of shots, and an animation of the wave rolling over the Sun, together with a very nice explanation. Sunspot 930 is easily seen with safe solar projection methods, why not have a look.

Geomagntic activity is, well, active, so be alert for the possibility of aurora this weekend. The far north has seen some aurora, so head over the the Spaceweather Gallery for some nice shots. If you are up in the early morning looking for aurora, don't forget to check out the Jupiter Mercury Mars massing (Conversely, if you are up for the massing, get up a little earlier and look for some aurora).

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