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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Things You See Without a Camera III

Coming back home in the train today, late due to a committee meeting that ran over time (and ran over the afternoon drinks session the DVC (Research) had put on to thank our committee for the work they had done), I looked idly out the window and was attracted to a patch of colour.

Since the windows of Transadelaide trains have weathered to a sort of frosted glass translucency, the colour had to be bright to catch my attention. Once I got on the platform I could see it was a Tangent Arc to the right of the Sun. It was very intensely coloured and quite bright. Above the Sun was a small arc, and then further above that a much broader arc. As I walked home the cloud that was responsible for the arcs drifted across the Sun. The right hand side dimmed and the broad arc became more intense and the colours more distinct.

My own private lightshow!

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