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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Mercury, Jupiter and Mars

Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory (click to enlarge)

Well, I got up in time to see the rare triple massing of Mars, Jupiter and Mercury.... and all I saw was cloud. I tried to catch a glimpse in the cracks in the cloud using binoculars, but nothing. Went back to bed. From the Ice in Space forums, it looks like everyone else has had the same problem. Victorians especially, who have the added problem of smoke from raging bushfires (or the raging bushfires themselves, it is hard to concentrate on astronomy when your home and life is in potential danger - to give an idea of the scale of the fire and smoke, the United Kindom fits into the continetal landmass shown).

The weather forecast is somewhat disappointing for tomorrow morning, unless you are threatened by bushfires, where the cloud cover and cooler weather may give them a much needed reprieve. Tuesday morning may have better prospects for astronomy, lets hope that the fires are under control by then.

Disappointing in Terrigal NSW too. Clear skies but too bright.
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