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Friday, November 17, 2006


Don't Forget the Leonids!

Sunday and possibly Monday morning , if you can get up around 3 am, you might see some Leonids. I'll be up at Mount Lofty looking, if the weather is kind.

Good on you Ian, I am glad someone else is watching.
I will be out there too !
BTW I have set up a new page
www.stargazingadventures.com.au , a work in progress, but the star of my Astrotour business !
I'll be out looking too, if I can keep the clouds away :)
I am staying in summertown, oxford - would like to know if there is an observation venue around for people to enjoy such an event.
Thank you for your information. We dragged our kids out of bed to lie on the trampoline on Saturday night to watch the leonids - it was a great fun night for them and me - once they were plied with a bit of chocolate it had the spirit of a football game and lots of cheers when they saw a bright one. We are on the North Coast of NSW. might take a look tonight too.
Hope everyones Leonids went well. I've put up a post on my experiences and links to others here
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