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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Daylight Jupiter 22 January 2013

This is my best picture yet of Jupiter taken during the daylight. It was taken 3 minutes before Sunset, beating my previous record (images I took one minute before Sunset were better, and I have previous rubbish images from 5 minutes in, but this is my best image so far from Sunset/Sunrise). Click to embiggen to see the image clearly.

I was easily able to see Jupiter with my unaided eye 15 minutes before Sunset (I've done better but only by five minutes), and Jupiter was easily visible 30 minutes before Sunet using binoculars (with the help of my star charts to locate the position).

More posts on seeing planets in daylight (with hints and tricks), are here.

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I drive ships for a living and in the dark ages, when I was learning celestial navigation, I did a few merpass sights of planets in the middle of the day.

From memory it was around 1400hrs local time, in Bass Strait. By setting the sextant to the expected altitude it was possible to 'wiggle' around the sky a bit to find the planet.

I once obtained a fix using a planet (Venus?) the moon and the sun during the early afternoon. When I compared it to the GPS, I was within a mile or so of where we were - not bad for celestial nav!


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