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Monday, January 14, 2013


Siding Spring Observatory Hit By Bushfires

Fire tonight overran the iconic Siding Spring Observatory, almost 10 years exactly since the catastrophic fires destroyed the observatory at Mt. Stromlo fire swept through the Siding Springs complex.

Everyone had been evacuated well before hand, so no one was hurt (big wave to Pete Poulos and the rest).

Unlike Mt. Stromlo, where the observatory was destroyed, it looks like some scopes may be damaged, but others intact. Some of the non-telescope facilities may be damaged as well, we will know more in the morning. The fire is now moving away fro Coonabarabran and Siding Springs

Thanks to the New South Wales fire crews who worked hard to protect the observatory, and best wishes to the observatory staff.

News items are here and here, and Amanda Bauer (astropixie) has kept up a running commentary with some amazing images.

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