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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Readers Images of the June 2011 Eclipse

Click images to embiggen. Copyright (2011) is vested in the original photographers, so please don't use them without permission.
Brendan O'Brien sends us a composite of eclipse pictures taken by his 12 year old daughter using her Mum's DSLR. Very impressive, we have a budding astrophotographer here.
Reader Julia sent this lovely image of the nearly fully eclipsed Moon taken at 4:30 am local time.
Reader Cynthia Ma in Sydney managed to get this image of the eclipsed Moon through breaks in the cloud.
This is the only image of the eclipse Tony Travaglia of Omaru, NZ salvaged from his Camera card. The Eclipsed Moon glowing through the trees is wonderful though.

Tony has just acquired a Coranado Halpha scope, so I'm looking forward to him sharing images of the Sun from that.

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I saw it my eyes in mid night 12.38 from Srilanka. Thanks for sharing these pictures
i saw this it was awesome eclipse
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