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Monday, June 13, 2011


Walking on the Devils Nose

So today being the Queens Birthday, Chez Reynella went for a walk in Parra Wirra Recreation Park. We normally walk in the central and southern parts of the Adelaide Hills, so this little park was a delightful surprise.

We walked to a rock formation called the Devil's Nose. Only 2.2 Km one way, but with SmallestOne and EnergeticFriend along (and EldestOne doing his best disaffected teenager impersonation), you don't want to go too far.

The walk is largely along a rocky ridge, with occasional splashes of quartz. There are stands of she -oaks, pale eucalyptus and grass trees, still flowering and humming with bees.

The views are great, across rolling hills dotted with dramatic rocks.

Just .. don't decide "Hey it would be cool to walk down to the creek!", becuase, well, it isn't.

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