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Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Total Lunar Eclipse, June 16, 2011

A short (2 minutes, 6 Mb) video I've done on the up coming total lunar eclipse of June 16, as seen from Australia.

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Thanks for the info about times etc Ian - I'm so looking forward to this!
Thanks, will haul my boys out of bed and they'll talk about it for weeks!
can i see this eclipse from malaysia
can i see the eclipse from malaysia
awaiting the commencement of the eclipse in Quezon City, Philippines. skies are clear, well, almost. and the most is so so bright.
and the moon is shining so brightly.
We are enjoying it in Bali!!!
Glad everyone is enjoying it
i can see r red lunafr my house but then black out .. how long will it appear again?
About an hour before it appears again.
wat tym is the lunar eclipse here in the philippines?
thick cloud has come, maybe the moon is covered by it so i cannot see or still need several minutes more to reappear?
NOW, the eclipse is on NOW
Very disappointingly in Sydney, Australia there has been cloud cover in the western sky and a heavy shower of rain so no eclipse visibility. And things looked so promising last night!
cannot see .. the sky here's covered by thick clouds :( - mira-
LIVE ECLIPSE at http://eclipse.slooh.com/
Thanks for info! I am not even going to sleep, because i sleep as a rock.
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