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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Semi-Live Blogging the Luna Eclipse

Images of eclipse taken with mobile phone through binoculars.

Got up at 3:30 am to find a Moon covered in thin high cloud. A halo stretched across the sky, and the north of the Moon was visibly darker. Set up the telescope and after some fiddling got my first shots. Time drive doesn't want to stay engaged. At 3:50 can definitely see darkening.

UPDATE - LIVE ECLIPSE at http://eclipse.slooh.com/

4:15 Big chunk taken from Moon, effect of clouds and jet contrails dramatic.

4:23: Big clouds come over.

4:36: Clouds clearing, 3/4 Moon covered now. Very Red

5:05: Moon totally covered now. Very Red, Very dark. Scope time drive spits dummy.

5:16: Still Cloudy.

5:21: Most cloud just near horizon, where Moon is.

5:30: Cloud thicker if anything.

5:42: Cloud, cloud cloud.

6:05: Can't tell if Moon insanely dark or just covered by cloud.

6:15: Cloud mostly gone from sky, except where Moon is.

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I couldn't see a thing. I was only on the oval next to my house, maybe the moon was too low? Thanks for posting your pictures though.
The Moon is still above the horizon here (although clouded out) abd was quite high earlier on. Can/could you see any other stars? If not, it's clouded out. If plenty of stars, umm, no idea.
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