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Tuesday, May 25, 2021


My images of the Perigee Moon April 27, 2021.

Full Moon April 27 23:00 AEST, perigee was at April 28 2:00 AEST (+ 11h from full). Overlain is the apogee Moon of October 28, 2020 (click to embiggen).
Perigee Moon of April 27 and apogee Moon of October 28 simulated in Stellarium.
Perigee Full Moon April 27 23:00 AEST, overlain with apogee First Quarter Moon of January 21, 2021.
Perigee Moon of April 27 and apogee Last Quarter Moon of January 21 simulated in Stellarium.

While everyone is eagerly awaiting the Total Lunar Eclipse and Perigee Full Moon, last month was a perigee Full Moon as well. 

Not as big as this months perigee Full Moon but not bad at all. For comparison I have overlain the apogee full moon from last October and the apogee First Quarter Moon from January this year and compared them with the simulated diameters in Stellarium. As you can see there is a clear difference between the Apogee and Perigee Moons which are pretty close to their simulated differences. 

If anything the perigee Moon is slightly larger than expected compared to the two apogee Moons. possibly due to field distortion form not centering the Moon in the eyepiece properly. it will be interesting to compare the full Moon at perigee and total eclipse with the apogee  moons as well.

The images were taken with an Xperia mobile phone (Focus at infinity, 1/4000 second, ISO 200 Full Moon, ISO 800 First Quarter Moon, through a 25 mm eyepiece on a tracking 8" Newtonian (Saxon EQ6 mount).

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