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Sunday, May 09, 2021


ISS passes of 8 and 9 May

The ISS passing through Canis Major (Sirius lower far right) as seen from Adelaide on the evening of Saturday 8 May at 21:04-21:05 ACST. Click to embiggen.
Tonight's ISS pass between the Southern Cross and the False Cross in the late twilight as seen from Adelaide (Sunday 9 May at 18:17-18:22 ACST. Click to embiggen.

Failed to see the tumbling rocket booster CZ-5B which splashed down near the Maldives. Caught two bright and impressive passes of the ISS on my new Canon IXUS 285 HS, my old workhorse's battery compartment has failed, so I have had to replace it. 

Still getting used to the new one and it's quirks (long shutter mode seems stuck on ISO 80, no matter what I do, making it pretty useless, although it comes out okay stacked), which is why the first one is off centre. 

Stacked in Deep-Sky stacker which dropped frames for no discernible reason, brightness adjusted with GIMP

Area around theta Carina and southern cross, 10x15sec frames at ISO 80 (sob) stacked in Deep-Sky stacker, 9 frames survived.  I have left it at a ginormous size so you can see the detail.bit of an edge effect with the ens but food detail in theta Carina. You do have to click to embiggen for best effect.

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