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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Live Webcasts of the total Lunar Eclipse Wednesday 31 January 2018

Image via Skippy Sky for cloud cover on the night of 31 January.

If, like me, it looks like you will be clouded out for tonight's total lunar eclipse, you may wish to watch of of these live web casts.

Space.com will be aggregating several web casts.
One from NASA (starts 10:30 UT, 21:30 AEDST, 21:00 ACDST, 18:30 AWST)

The direct NASA link is here:

The SLOOH remote telescope will do a webcast at 10:45 UT (21:45 AEDST)

Griffith Observatory Los Angeles will webcast fro 10:45 UT (21:45 AEDST)

The Virtual Telescope Project will webcast from 11:30 UT (22:30 AEDST)

One from Hong Kong at 6:50 local time

And time and Date's live stream from Perth Observatory from 11:30 UT (22:30 AEDST, 19:30 AWST)

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Clear skies in Melbourne. Just coming out of eclipse here at 1.10am with a slice of light at top of moon then slowly down to side. Very fascinating to watch!! Very hard to photograph unles a pro camera...
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