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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Don't forget, tonight (Wednesday 31 January 2018) is the first total Lunar eclipse since 2015

North-eastern horizon as seen from Adelaide on  31 January at 10:51 pm ACDST. The eclipse is about halfway to totality. The inset shows the telescopic/binocular view at this time. Click to embiggen.

Don't forget tonight is the night of the "super blue blood" Moon, the first total Lunar eclipse since 2015. Even if it is cloudy, unless totally socked in, it is well worth trying to catch a glimpse through the clouds.

Cloud cover predictions at Skippy Sky

All of Australia will see this Total eclipse from start to finish. You don't need any special equipment, just your eyes.

For the East Coast Moon the eclipse begins at 22:48 AEDST (21:48 AEST), maximum eclipse is at 00:30 AEDST 1st (23:30 AEST), the eclipse ends at 2:12 AEDST (1:12 AEST) on the 1st

For the Central states the eclipse begins at 22:18 ACDST (21:18 ACST), maximum eclipse is at 24:00 ACDST (23:00 ACST) , the eclipse ends at 1:42 ACDST (12:42 ACDST) on the 1st

For Western Australia the eclipse begins at 19:48 AWST, maximum eclipse is at 21:30 AWST , the eclipse ends at 23:12 AWST.

For more details, links to photographing the eclipse (and what the hype is about) see my eclipse page.

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