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Sunday, January 05, 2014


Giant Sunspot AR 1944 Easily Visible with Safe Solar Observing Techniques.

Sunspot AR 1944 imaged using my Canon IXUS  (400 ASA) and 4" Newtonian (infinity to infinity focussing with a 25 mm eyepiece), there are multiple sunspots, AR 1944 is the one shaped like Australia (see inset) with New Zealand off to the right. Click to embiggen

Giant Sunspot AR 1944 is big enough to be seen without magnification, just using eclipse viewing glasses. I could easily see it this afternoon with just eclipse glasses (I did get the scope out as well, as you can see above).

It is readily visible in  other safe solar projection systems. The following link will show you several methods to make pinhole projection systems.

You can also use binocular and telescopic projection systems. This link will show you how to make safe solar viewing and telescope projection systems. Here is my step by step guide to making a binocular projection system, and a guide to aiming your binoculars or telescope when you can't actually look at the Sun. And this is the projection system I use with my refractor telescope.

For aurora fans, AR 1944 has the complex magnetic field that can produce X class flares. If a strong flare goes off in the next day or so we may be in for aurora-producing conditions.

(Hat tip to Suzy Webb and Andrew Wall)

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