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Friday, June 08, 2012


Other Peoples Transit of Venus Images and Videos

Transit of Venus by Cynthia Ma from Sydney.

I'm still processing my images, so I thought I'd put up links to fantastic images that people have sent me or pointed me to. Cynthia Ma's image to the left is great.

Comet Al has a brilliant series of images and a great animation taken using a simple projection system.

Rob Kaufmann has a wonderful shot from Bright Victoria, he had less luck with second contact due to turbulence as this video shows. Chris Wyatt has a great video of second contact from Burren Junction, NSW. Chris of SiriusCybernetics has some great shots. Hristo Pavlov got some nice images from Sydney despite the weather. Adam Marsh has a nice series of photos. Roland Gesthuizen has a great Storify essay.

In the international section a good video from Taiwan. The transit of Venus with a seagull and with a plane . A cloudy one from Dorset by  Stuart and of course a huge Flickr gallery  http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/transitofvenus/

The Bad Astronomer has a great Transit gallery too.

UPDATE:  I forgot Andrew Thomas' stunning images at his blog,  Dennis Persyk's transit images and astronomy boy's transit images. Sorry folks!

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Great links for photos of the transit. Wasn't too spectacular for me as I didn't opt for a projection from telescope but instead took shots directly with a small camera.
I did binocular projection AND the digital camera through the scope thing so I got to see AND photograph the transit
Cool, looking forward to see your pictures
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Thanks in advance
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