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Monday, May 07, 2012


Prepare for Flares, Active Sunspot 1467 Arrives with a Bang (and a possible geomagnetic storm)!

Image Credit NASA/SOHO

On Sunday and this morning my mailbox got hit with news of several M class flares. These all emanated from the Sunspot region 1467, which had just rotated onto the face of the Sun (big group just on the left of the image).

Sunspot region 1467 is massive, one of the biggest sunspot groups in years, and should be easily observable with safe solar projection.

None of the flares that crackeled off are headed in our direction, but it is very likely the a couple will fire off when the Sunspot group is more or less facing us.

But we might get to see aurora before then, there is a geomagnetic alert for 9 and 10 May, with the possibility of isolated minor storms. So Tasmania and Southern New Zealand might have a chance of aurora.

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