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Friday, May 04, 2012


While We Are On Things Lunar; Map the Moon with Cosmo Quest

While we are on the subject of the Moon, here is another wonderful Citizen Science project you can be a part of.

CosmoQuest.org is a group of astronomers who have created a series of citizen science projects for people who would like to contribute to astronomical science.

MoonMappers is a project where you identify and measure craters using high resolution images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. You will need to register first but this is quick and easy. Once you are registered go to the Moonmappers home page and start mapping to your hearts content.

CosmoQuest has issued a Million Crater Challenge, to get 1,000,000 craters identified by this full Moon, which is just two days away. Why not join up now and help them along.

You can follow the mapping progress here.

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Hi Ian, my husband and I like to play around with Stellarium, looking at the stars in the past and the future. But we've noticed that in the future the sun takes almost half the time that it did in the past to do a full procession. It's got us boggled as to why it speeds up in the future, so I thought I'd ask if you knew? Hope this all makes sense!
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